Friday, December 14, 2012

My Digital Coloring Improvement

A month ago, I was searching for random tutorials that could help me to color again better using now Photoshop CS6 since I was stuck using the wrong tools known as Dodge, Burn and Sponge tools. Was frustrated because I wanted to color so bad and wanted to color on the same day and have it ready too instead of 3 days fixing the "effects" of shadow and light. I found a good video on YouTube with the explanation on Spanish and managed to learn the trick since I use the program on American English. :D I'm very happy to be back drawing and coloring better thanks to the tutorials videos!!!♥

Here's the video:
After watching the video and giving it a try this is how my chibi me turned out:
Three years ago, I made my hubby's bestfriend his chibi, I wasn't good at drawing chubby chibis until a friend gave me a reference and for this year I looked again at the drawing saying to myself I wasn't satisfied with it. I redesigned his chibi and colored it after the first with my chibi me. :D Decided to have fun by using the "Draw this again!" meme to compare them: