Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Old Chibi's Book Where I Learned to Draw Them! o(^-^)o♥

    Welcome to the fantastic world of Chibis and furry characters!  Chibis are the adorable tiny people that are the hottest, new sensation of Manga.  Chibis are cheerful, adorable, naughty, mischievous, excitable, and some times are evil, in a word, just plain fun.  From Japan to America then to Puerto Rico and all across the world, everyone loves Chibis!

    Chibis have exaggerated proportions that make them squeezable and cute.  But Chibis aren't only for kids.  There are Chibis of all varieties, in all roles and genres of Manga.  There are Chibis teenagers, fairies, witches, schoolgirls, fantasy fighters, space commanders, mermaids, athletes, evil geniuses, devils, angels, reapers--and everything in between!  I'd a book how to make Chibis that guide me, step-by-step, through development of all types of Chibis characters, and gives me the tools to invent my own chibis like my Chibi angel and my boyfriend's Chibi demon.  I'd learned how to infuse my own Chibis with personality, and how to draw authentic costumes for them.

    And as a special feature that I'd found in the book, includes an exclusive look at the newest trend out of Japan: the super-stylized Chibi.  This eye-catching, authentic Japanese style is a must-have for any Manga artist who wants to stay on top of his or her game.

    Also it turns my attention to the incredibly popular subject of Chibi-style monster, which are small, yet powerful creatures.  These creatures often work with their human pals to defeat the bad guys--and in some cases--the good guys!  I'd learned how these characters are often based on simple animals and inanimate objects.  I'd also learned how to draw the super powers and special effects that make Chibi-style monsters such stars.

    I love so much this book because also fetures furry characters, which are sometimes know as "anthros" (short for anthropomorphic").  The most popular of these Manga characters is the famous cat-girl.  Cat-girls are attractive characters who retain their human posture but also have cat-like physical traits.  There are several types of cat-girls.  Some look more human, while others look more like cats.  I'd learned how to draw them in a way that maintains the character's attractiveness and appeal.  Cat-girls can also be drawn in Chibi-style, which is demonstrated in the book.  They're used in many different genres of Manga, including girls' comics, boy's comics, and science-fiction.

    But that's not all!  Also covers the popular technique of "super-deforming" ordinary Manga characters into Chibis.  These super-deformed Chibis are used by many of the top Japanese Manga artist to make wisecracks about comic book panels.  This is a hilarious section, filled with jokes that are sure to generate laughs.  Don't miss it!

    Chibis are like puppy dops--people me;t when they see them (XD like me).  Whether you are drawing them to tug at the heartstrings, or get some laughs, you'll have a great time working with the book and between many others that helps you make Chibis, Anime, Manga, etc just like I did.  Have fun!

o(^_^)o My favorite books I love to use!♥

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