Sunday, March 16, 2008

Old About Me! for MSN Spaces old times :O

~*Welcome to my Little MSNSpace in the Cyberworld!!!*~

^_^ Hi everyone!!! I know this part it is so weird, but for me was so boring to make my autobiography a summary again. Well, this little list I made it for my autobiography, because helps a little more understand and meet much better this descriptions about the users of MSN Spaces interests, goods and other stuff about them. I hope this little list helps you to meet a little more about who I am!!??
  1. Name: Annie
  2. Second Name: Linnette
  3. Last Name: Toledo Ortiz
  4. Nickname(s): Sakura Sweet Cherry, Sakura, Sakura-Chan, Linnette, Lina, Moon Empress, Dark Mistress, Beba, Toli, Anita and Dito.
  5. Date of Birth: September 14th, 1986 ... Cute!!!
  6. Birthplace: Ponce, Puerto Rico
  7. Blood Type: AB Positive
  8. Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  9. Birth Stone: Blue Sapphire
  10. Favorite Stone: Colored stones
  11. Father's Name: Miguel Angel Toledo Vega
  12. Mother's Name: Annie Lizzette Ortiz Chacon ... Mom rocks!!!
  13. Age: 22
  14. Boyfriend's Name: Alexis  E. Perez Perez I LOVE YOU Shadow!!!!!
  15. Height: 5'9" 176 CM
  16. Weight: 120 LBS
  17. Hair Color: Dark Brown
  18. Eye Color: Dark Brown
  19. Personality: Talent, happy, sweet, shy, playful, creative, imaginative, worker, cooperator, dreamer, lovely, cute, quiet, funny, innocent and humble person.
  20. Location: San German, Puerto Rico
  21. Occupation: Graphic Arts and 3D Animation University Student
  22. Places She Lived: San German, Cabo Rojo, Lajas, Guanica, Sabana Grande, Cayey and Guaynabo.
  23. Schools: Amina Tio, Herminia C. Ramirez, Antonia Martinez, Julio V. Guzman and Lola Rodriguez de Tio.
  24. University: Interamericana in San German.
  25. Favorite Subject: Computers, English, Graphic Arts, 3D Animation, Spanish and Biology.
  26. Dislike Subject: Math
  27. Favorite Music: Techno, Trance, Electronica, Disco, Industrial, Gothic, Celtic, Japanese (Rock, Pop and Techno), Rock, Pop, Pop Rock, Emo, Arabian, Russian, Latin, Instrumental, English and Spanish music.
  28. Dislike Music: Bachata and Old Music. EWWW!!!
  29. Favorite Movies: Animation, Horror, Terror, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Romance, Action, Adventure, Digital, suspense, Comedy and Drama.
  30. Favorite Books: Manga, angels, demons, reapers, mystery, fantasy, action, comedy and romance.
  31. Dislike Books: >.< Some boring books without illustrations!!!
  32. Favorite Food: Pizza, Chinese and Japanese food, rice, chicken, pork, turkey, lasagna, churrasco, boneless chicken breats w/e, fish, mofongo, tostones, bacon, etc.
  33. Dislike Food: Vegetables, onions, beans and some bad tasting foods.
  34. Favorite Color: Pink, Black, White, Blue, Red, Yellow, Aqua green, Violet, Gray, Raspberry, Cream and Brown.
  35. Favorite Animal: Dogs, cats, birds, tigers, bunnies, hamsters, fish, wolf, fox, dolphins, etc. KAWAII (CUTE)!!!
  36. Hobbies: Work, study, chat, watch TV, hear music, parties, hangout, movies, spend all the time with my boyfriend Shadow, read manga, write stories and other stuff like poems, practice Arabian and Japanese dance, friends, family, beach, sleep, eat, cooking, drawing anime and manga, camping, have a great time, watch anime, talking at the mobile phone, shopping, Internet navigation, videogames, RPGS Games, taking pictures of me, my boyfriend, friends and other interestings cute places, downloading things from limewire, designing my MSN Space and My Space's graphics, illegal street racing cars and motocross, bothering my friends and very happy for my new life that just have began!!!!!!!!
  37. Aspiration: Work at Walt Disney's Studios and Nicktoons Network, but also work in different prestigious companies about graphics, animation, storyboarding and other stuff. Reach my goals, finally obtain my license driver make more new friends, make a happy family, buy my dream car Mazda RX-8, build or buy my very own house, live happily ever after and get married with my one only love, Alexis Emanuel... ^_^ I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART SHADOW_________!!!!!
  38. Abilities: Making friends, drawings, happy with her new life, reach her dreams, helping others, worker and free.
  39. Problems with: Nightmares, kukiburis (Japanese roaches), death, fights, rumors, discussions, exams, mouse, rats, memorazing or trying to remember something and sadness.
  40. Favorite Weekdays: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  41. Dislike Weekdays: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  42. She is Here for: Friends with the same interest of anime and manga, etc. Networking and good friendships.
  43. Personal Profile in MySpace:
Well, my Little Space needs more stuff, but step by step I'll decorate it! I hope youenjoyed my Little Space, but if you don't find it very interested you can leave some commentaries down here of my blog! ^____^ Thanks for visiting my little space! See ya, thanks, harigato and Sayonarra! =p ** Sincerely, ..::**Sakura**::..

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